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Emma Elaine Photography

Have I shot your wedding, your family member’s wedding, or a wedding you’ve attended?  I WANT TO BUY YOU A COFFEE! 

Now through July 6th if you leave a review for me on The Knot, I will send you a Starbucks gift card. [[My couples who leave a review get $15 and everyone else gets $5.]]

For two years in a row, your reviews have nominated me for Best of Weddings through The Knot, let’s make it 3 years in a row! You guys are amazing, and these reviews mean the world to me and my business. 

1) Follow this link: http://local.weddingchannel.com/wedding-vendors/Emma-Elaine-Photography-profile?ProfileId=503517&sid=AFOMdRbtN8BEnFB3CWSOYw#reviews

2.) Click ‘Write a Review’, and follow instructions on the site. 

3.) Send me a message letting me know you left a review and give me your address. 


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Help Support Boss's leg fund

Remember Boss? You guys helped get him the surgery he needed on his leg when it was broken a few weeks ago. Thankfully, because of your donations and prayers, he was able to keep his leg!!! In this last stretch of his recovery, however, the pins placed in his leg have began to shift and he is once again in pain and in need of surgery.

Thankfully this surgery isn’t as expensive as the first one, but his owners still need our help. Need an even bigger incentive to donate?:

1.) If you share the fundraising link for Boss on your Facebook timeline, I will give you 5% off on your next family/couple/senior portrait session. How easy is that?! 
(Just tag me in the post or send me a message with your post link so that you can get full credit towards your next photo session with me. $20 value.)

2.) If you donate $20+ to this cause, I will give a FREE wallet album!!! So, if you have had a portrait session/wedding with me before or will in the future, you can get 10 images from your session/wedding in wallet album form. It’s a BEAUTIFUL way to show off your images in a quick portable way. (Valid only for past and future Emma Elaine Photography clients. What a DEAL! $95 value.)

3.) DO BOTH! Get 5% off your next family/couple/senior portrait session AND get a FREE wallet album from that session. 

HERE’S THE LINK: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/9pv4/boss-s-leg-fund

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